" Veloce Bike Rental: Road bike rental in Taranto

Road bike rental in Taranto

Carbon road bike rental in Taranto

Bicycle rental with delivery in Taranto

We provide quality carbon road bike rental with delivery at the accommodation in Taranto to make you enjoy self cycling holidays and tours in Puglia region, Southern Italy.

If you are looking for a self cycling holiday in Puglia using a carbon road bike we can install Vittoria tires with graphene 2.0 protection on the bikes suggesting to bring your own frame bags to be installed on the bikes. 

In this way you can ride fast the routes of the Apulia region, on unpaved roads too, carrying belongings and clothes. Alternatively to the carbon road bike rental we suggest to rent the traditional hybrid bike category with rack and panniers. 

The Puglia region is really flat and suggested for an easy touring travel experience in Italy. 

Information, bike rental and guided tours quote requests:

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cyclists with carbon road bikes for rent ready to enjoy the cycling tour of Puglia region Southern Italy
Ready to enjoy the tour of Puglia with the carbon road bikes

a carbon road bike rental with frame bags in Taranto Puglia
The carbon road bike with Vittoria Graphene 2.0 protection and frame bags