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Cycling Salento, Apulia | Bike rental in Lecce

Cycling in Salento, Apulia 

Lecce is the cultural fulcrum of Salento (Apulia), is one of the most beautiful art cities in Southern Italy.It's known as the “Florence of the South"

But what can you do when you’re in Lecce?

The area is very bike friendly and there are many routes that you can enjoy by bike from/to Lecce along the Ionian and Adriatic coasts.

Just few examples:
  • From Lecce to Acaja Castle and San Cataldo WWF Natural Reserve
  • From Otranto to Leuca direction

carbon road bike rental in Lecce cycling salento apulia italy san cataldo
Cycling San Cataldo Natural Reserve

carbon road bike rental in Otranto visit at the Faro della Palascia lighthouse
Cycling from Otranto to Leuca, Palascia Lighthouse

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cycling in salento apulia carbon road bike rental in lecce basilica santa croce
Cycling in Lecce, break at the Basilica Santa Croce

What’s so great about the city?

Its ancient Messapian origins and its archaeological ruins, left behind after Roman domination, fuse with the richness and exuberance of the Baroque churches and palazzi (typically from the 1600s), built with Lecce stone, a type of chalky material – usually in warm colors – that is malleable and pliant: the “Leccese Baroque"

cycling in salento apulia carbon road bike rental in lecce duomo square
Cycling in Lecce, coffee break at the Duomo's square

What are the places of interest in Lecce to be visited during your stay or where to have a break during your cycling in the town?

The streets of the center of Lecce are a museum under the open sky, below some places you can visit when in the town: 

  • Piazza del Duomo, site of the city’s Duomo, Cathedral of Maria Santissima Assunta
  • Piazza Sant’Oronzo
  • A must-visit is the Basilica di Santa Croce (begun 14th Century), whose high points are its harmonious balance between the Classical and Baroque styles, and the magnificent beauty of its interior
  • Castle of Charles V (Castello Carlo V), a fortified bastion built in the 1500s on the request of Emperor Charles V
  • The Teatro Romano (Roman Theatre)
  • Mura Urbiche (city wall)

cycling in salento apulia carbon road bike rental in lecce
The Roman Theatre in Lecce