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Cycling in Tuscany | Carbon road bike rental in Livorno

carbon road bike rental in Livorno Tuscany
Our carbon road tri bike rental provided with delivery in Tuscany

Cycling in Tuscany

Carbon road bike rental in Livorno - Leghorn

Livorno is a Tuscan seaside town very close to the city of Pisa. It's about 20 minutes drive from Pisa Airport and about 65 minutes from Florence. 

Many tourists when they get off the cruise ship in Livorno or land at the airport in Pisa use to go directly to visit the city of Pisa but actually for those who love the sea and the life of small seaside towns we suggest you think about visiting Livorno too.

Livorno is a city where local people live the sea and the promenade. 

It’s a very sporty city full of sports clubs: triathlon, cycling, running, swimming. 

It’s a city where you can do sports, train and eat good sea food, it has an historic center with some points of interest such as the fortress, a neighborhood similar to Venice, a very nice covered market and many restaurants scattered around the city.

Several customers loves to enjoy cycling in this area because full of local cyclists who enjoy training on the stunning coastline and in the hinterland valleys close the town characterized by typical Tuscan landscapes as the Chianti region. 

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