Things to do in Barcelona, daily cycling tour of the town with high end road bike for rent and guide service

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We strengthen our high end bicycle rental services in Spain and created - in partnership with our local affiliated partner - new daily guided cycling excursions and customized vacation packages in Catalunya based in Barcelona and Costa Brava

Further information and customized quotation to - we will introduce your request to the local affiliated company to enjoy Veloce's special rates. 

In this post few pictures taken 1 week ago during the launch of our guided customizable excursion packages in Barcelona. 

"My personal impression during the launch of our new services was the quite of not busy roads really right for keener cycling lovers performances, the good quality of asphalt and the impressive cycling lane network built in this town with which is possible discover the town in safety conditions, the opportunity to enjoy the nightlife and the beauty of this multi-cultural town."
Jerry de Concilio, Founder and CEO at Veloce

cycling lane along the Besòs river in Barcelona

break to take picture at the famous chimney in Barcelona

break at the mouth of the Besos river in Barcelona

visiting the forum district in Barcelona 

cycling the forum district in Barcelona

view of the seafront from the Forum district in Barcelona

twin towers in Barcelona 

the W hotel in Barcelona

cycling on the sea in Barcelona

cycling Barceloneta seaftont 

cycling Barceloneta seafront

photo set at the Olympic stadium in Barcelona

break at the Olympic stadium in Barcelona

Visit at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Picture Credit Sergi Ros de Mora - all right reserved

at the end of the day climbing the hills to watch the sunset in Barcelona

nightlife in Barcelina - Ciutat Comtal restaurant