" Veloce Bike Rental: Kayak and SUP rental in Portofino Cinque Terre

Kayak and SUP rental in Portofino Cinque Terre

kayak rental portofino

from veloce bike rental company is born in Italy
the new, faster Kayak and SUP rental service 

Veloce extended his offer to high end Kayak and SUP rental services available with customized delivery and collecting at customers accommodations along Italian coasts, rivers and lakes, also in different towns. 

Our high end kayak and SUP units are available in different models and provided to enjoy self or guided short or long distance sporting and touring excursions and/or to enjoy serious and long self expeditions or self kayaking itinerant trips along the Italian coasts, rivers and lakes.

Cheaper logitics solutions (pick up and return) are available in the town of Venice to explore lagoon, in Livorno, Portofino, Cinque Terre and in Naples to explore the bay. 

kayak rental portofino

Safety and high performance accessories included in the rental

kayak rental portofino

Service provided while stocks last
Advanced reservation and customer's technical competence required

Information and quotation request to veloce customer service