High end full carbon road bike for rent in Bellagio

Today we want to publish the pictures we received from our American customers after their ride with the full carbon high-end road bike provided for rent by Veloce.

The "steeds", as they called it, are an Olympia Karbo equipped with Campagnolo and a Merida Scultura Evo, both full-carbon, with which they climbed the Passo San Marco and the famous Muro di Sormano

Bikes where delivered and collected straight to their accomodation in Bellagio, near the shore of Lake Como and near the epic Madonna del Ghisallo climb.

The smile of our customers in these pictures is the most rewarding thing for our job.

At the top of the Passo San Marco climb: did it!

A wonderful view of the Lake Como, with clouds hiding the sorrounding mountains

Lake Como sightseeing