Photography expedition to Sicily. Day 5 : the Godfather mafia movie places, Taormina, Caltagirone and Caltanissetta.

The day 5 of our cycling and photography expedition to Sicily (finalized to accompany journalist and photographer from Pedalier Spanish magazine) was very hard : rainy and foggy day. 

We planned to visit the Taormina amphitheater because close our accommodation and the Godfather mafia movie places (Forza d'Agrò and Savoca) and then the town of  Caltagirone and Caltanissetta where we enjoyed charming accommodation. This last town is on the road to Agrigento, our last stage. 

In this post I would share with readers few photos taken during our expedition.

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amphitheater in Taormina, photo credit : Sergio Ros de Mora
Marriage scene of Godfather :  main church of Forza D'Agrò village
the Godfather : Bar Vitelli in Savoca village
the Godfather : Bar Vitelli in Savoca village
Francis Ford Coppola monument in Savoca village
ceramic stair of Caltagirone
main square of Caltanissetta