Cycling and travel photographic expedition to Sicily. Day 1 : on the road to Calabria.

Few days ago I anticiped in this blog that Veloce will be at work for a week to accompany Spanish journalist and travel photographer during cycling and photographic expedition of the whole Sicily Italian island.

Today I travelled from Venice to the Calabria region where I had fresh fish dinner and beautiful big room at Hotel Gaudio, our accommodation partner in Longobardi Marina close Cosenza, a friendly place where our customers love to start (and sometime finish) their cycling holidays in Calabria region and where our company provide high end road bikes for rent.

In this post I would share few photos taken on the road from Venice to Gaudio Hotel in Longobardi Marina.

Snow at appennino mountain chain 20kms close Florence

Motorway exit to Florence, Siena and Rome

Vesuvius volcano in Naples, view from motorway

Vietri sul Mare village of Amalfi coast, view from motorway

No signal in few regions of A3 motorway

Fresh fish dinner at Hotel Gaudio