America Cup, bike rental and casamiranapoli, a better charming bed and breakfast in Naples.

Few pictures from Naples, shooted by Jerry during second-last day of Americas Cup competition. Was a rainy evening, but very quite seafront without cars. 

Next America Cup competitions in Italy will be in Venice between next 12nd and 20th May. 

Our staff has stayed at casamiranapoli, a charming bed and breakfast in Naples.

Landscape of Naples hills from bed and breakfast terrace

kiosk on Naples seafront 

lovers on Naples seafront

the other side of Americas Cup
garbage on streets of Naples, problem partial solved by new mayor

fountain in promenade villa on seafront (villa comunale)

the Americas Cup stage during rain

worker looking for a good weather 

Pizza man takes bookings

neapolitan mandolin exposed at regione Campania stage

Castel dell'Ovo, the castle of  Naples bay

nightlife in Naples, young people on the road in Chiaia district

Casa Mira Napoli, the charmin bed and breakfast in Naples

Breakfast, the day after

the seafront, restricted traffic zone, the day after