" Veloce Bike Rental: Passione, a John Turturro's film : documentary of Naples - Italy

Passione, a John Turturro's film : documentary of Naples - Italy

In my life I had the opportunity to know much people. One ot this is the screenwriter Federico Vacalebre. Federico have created with John Turturro this precious documentary/film about Naples city.
Some customers know that I'm born in Naples, that my really name is Gennaro and that all my family have origins in this big city.
Jerry is for friends and customers, is much easy to be remembered.
Bikes and Naples are in my blood.
For my business I travel everyday to different cities of Italian country and sometime I remember Naples, my first hometown, like l'Avana, Rio de Janeiro or New Orleans.
The matrix of big hot town is characterized by invasions of much cultures and people. Today the lifestyle and the music are characterized by mediterranean influences and this film is the mirror of the reality of this town.

Yesterday, the 19th September, was in Naples the San Gennaro feast.
Every year during the 19th September San Gennaro make a miracle of blood : the blood relic change from solid to liquid.
In this video the singer tell about the custom of neapolitan people that call this saint "yellow face, make the miracle !". People pretend the miracle because in the past when the saint don't have maked the miracle in Naples we had catastrophes (earthquakes, famines, cholera, ecc).
Vesuvius volcano have in his hands the life of this town.

We are working with local institutions and associations for launch new urban cycling excursions in Naples along the new 'limited traffic areas of historical center' created this monday by the new mayor.