Cycling Tuscany : bike rental in San Casciano dei Bagni - Siena

A couple of pictures shot in occasion of road bikes provided for rent by our company with delivery at customers accommodations in San Casciano dei Bagni, a small village in province of Siena

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Things to do in Italy : visits the Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano art gallery in Naples

Today we want share with our readers few pictures shot at Gallerie d'Italia by Intesa Sanpaolo bank private art gallery of Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano in the town of Naples in Via Toledo 185. 

This exhibition is opened from Tuesday till Sunday with opening hour 10-18 and on Sathurday with opening hour 10-20. 

In this gallery is possible enjoy the The Martyrdom of Saint Ursula by Caravaggio and other paints by Luca Giordano, Bernardo Cavallino, Francesco Solimena, Gaspare Traversi, Giovan Battista Ruoppolo, Giacinto Gigante, Gaspar van Wittel, Smargiassi, Fergola, Palizzi, Morelli, Rossano, Dalbono, Franceschini, Toma, Mancini, Migliaro, Vincenzo Gemito, Anton Sminck Pitloo, ecc.ecc.

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From Fano (Italy) to Seville (Spain) by bicycle. Cycling in Pisa - Tuscany

Samuel and Andrea enjoyed cycling in Pisa, on the road of their cycling expedition from Fano (Italy) to Seville (Spain) powered by Veloce Corporate, cycling and bike rentals. 

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Samuel and Andrea cycling in Pisa

Bike rental shop in Turin

Picture shot in occasion of pick up of hybrid bikes provided for rent by our company in Turin. Our customers enjoyed self cycling holiday in Piedmont. 

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Giro of Sicily, day 3 : Agrigento

In this post we would share the 2nd cycling day experience by Enzo, our canadian customer who shared with us his travel book notes.

I slept well after a long, hot ride down from Corleone on Day 2, and an amazing dinner served up by Rosario. I woke up well-rested on my third touring day, and decided to spend it in Agrigento to tour the local sites. 

My brief riding summary for the day was:

Distance: 9 km 
Elevation Gain: 193 metres 
Elevation Loss: 193 metres

I checked with Patrizia, and she had a room available for another night at B&B Dei Templi by Patrizia ( She also gave me a key to the garage, so I could get my bike in and out of there as I pleased throughout the day.

The day started with an espresso and fresh pastry at a local bar across the street. Some of the B&Bs I stayed in would offer this for the breakfast option, and it gave me a chance to meet and chat with some of the locals. Next stop was a street vendor to pick up a bag of fresh fruit for a Euro. This would end up being a daily tradition before I started riding for the day.
Todays ride was quite minimal, not even hitting double-digit kilometres! It was made even more relaxing by leaving the saddle bags behind at the B&B. My destination was the Valle dei Templi ( , ), just a few km south of town. This is one of the great attractions in Sicilia that takes you away to a different time and place. In this case, it was ancient Greece in the 5th and 6th centuries BC over 2,500 years ago! The Greeks left behind some beautiful temples, in various states of preservation in an area they referred to as Akragas (now called Agrigento).
After spending a few hours wandering through ancient Greece, it was a short ride (uphill) back to modern Siicilia. I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering through this bustling town of about 60,000 people, and enjoying my afternoon coffee at the same bar in which I started my day. I also got myself organized for the next day, and booked a B&B in Piazza Armerina just over 100 km away.

For dinner, I could not think of any better choice that a return visit to Pizzeria Gastronomia Manzoni ( ). Tonight I just had to try one of the mouth-watering pizzas I had seen Rosario Salerno prepare the night before. I was not disappointed, and Rosario made sure I was well-taken care of with appetizers, salad and vino to accompany one of his speciality pizzas. 

Cycling Sellaronda in Valgardena: full carbon road bike rental shop in Ortisei

A couple of pictures shot in occasion of full carbon road bikes provided for rent by our company with delivery and collecting at customers accommodation in Ortisei, a small village in province of BolzanoTrentino Alto Adige region. 

Our customers enjoyed the 'Sellaronda Hero' cycling competition

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Veloce Lifestyle : high end craftmade made in Italy leisure shoes collection by Veloce

Today we started the production of high end craftmade leisure shoes collection by Veloce Lifestyle. 100% made in italy: fabric, design and labour.

Veloce Lifestyle : made in Italy leisure shoes

Cycling training routes in Venice area enjoyed by local cyclists

Few pictures shot in Riviera del Brenta a river route between Venice and Padova where local cyclists use to enjoy cycling training in a loop route to Fusina dock where it is possible watch landscape of Venice lagoon

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Veloce Cycling Jersey

A picture shot by Sergio Ros de Mora in Barcelona in occasion of Veloce Collezioni and Rentals photo shooting. 

Veloce Collezioni is a 100% 'Made in Italy' cycling jersey available for sell with international shipping solutions. 

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Veloce Cycling Jersey

Things to do in Italy: cycling excursion in Rome - Brompton bike tours

Brompton bike tour : alternative and funny way to experience Rome.

Let’s ride the best fordable bikes! We're going to conquer Rome, an open-air-museum full of art and centuries of history! "Rome wasn’t built in a day", but in just 3 hours you will become Masters of the city. That’s why we advise you to do this tour when you’ll arrive in Rome. It’s a great way to see the city on a short visit.

Choose This Tour If You’d Like To:

- be the protagonist of the city
- visit Rome just in a short stay
- see the city through the eyes of a Roman
- cycle
- do some sport - even if you are not well trained (the level is low)

Duration: 3 hours
Time: 9:30am - On request, we can enjoy lunch together at the river.

Languages: Italian, English, German, French

Price includes: Brompton bike, helmet, bag, tour assistance leader, expert guide

We offer different tours. Just contact us to discuss the options and your preferences. 

Here are some proposals:

1. Roma Antica
2. Roma Centro - Barocco
3. Roma La Grande Bellezza
4. Roma Contemporanea

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