" Veloce Bike Rental: Veloce chooses the city of Naples for its advertisement

Veloce chooses the city of Naples for its advertisement

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Veloce, “literally” translated ‘Fast’, is the Europe’s leading brand of bicycle tourism. This innovative conceivement of sustainable tourism, created by a Neapolitan businessman, Gennaro De Concilio, in 2008, has reached a position in the ‘top 5 of all things to do in Europe’ according the famous Lonely Planet international guide book: experiencing cycling with Veloce is recommanded by travellers reviews as one of the first things to do while touring Europe, like visiting the Colosseum or the Louvre.

veloce bike rental company
Europe by Veloce, logo

The ones who followed the start up of the brand surely remember the time Mr De Concilio brought the first bicycle tourists to Naples, eventhough the city was in the midst of a waste crisis, or when he led Australian tourists to the ‘Bicycle Day’ arranged by the district of Saviano in 2011. Furthermore, we can’t forget the odd Californian bicycle tourist who climbed up the Vesuvius with a unicycle (the one used in the circus), or when he tow a caravan with two wheels across the Campi Flegrei and the Amalfi Coast, along the roads ridden during the Italian Bike Tour in 1960, stage won by Fausto Coppi and honored by a monument built by the ‘Mattino’, the first Neapolitan daily newspaper for many years, to commemorate Agerola. Now it’s finally the arrival point of many foreign cyclists on the road along the coast.

Cycling vintage photos
Velo Club Napoli - 1928

Mr De Concilio has also committed himself to bring back the Italian Bike Tour to Naples, where his grandfather, Gennaro Cerbone – from whom he inherited the passion for the bicycle – has been cyclist since 1928 at the Velo Club of Naples, now faded away. Nowadays thanks to Mr De Concilio’s passion, over 3000 bicycle tourists can bike every year with Veloce, along the Italian roads and the nine European countries.

hotel vesuvio suite naples
panoramic view from Caracciolo suite at Grand Hotel Vesuvio

For few hours, the suite “Caracciolo” in the luxurious Grand Hotel Vesuvio, the promenade and the panoramic hills of the city of Naples, was the set of the new Veloce advertisement, with the extraordinary participation of local triathletes who will perform on their discipline wearing their peculiar red passion t-shirt, 100% made in Italy, designed by Mr De Concilio himself and made in Marcel Tinazzi’s Italian factory. He was the champion of the Tour de France in 1977.

The commercial was directed by Elena De Candia, whom last work broadcast, in preview on Vanity Fair website, has affected the release of the single by M'Barka Ben Taleb, a singer, producted, not by chance, by Mr De Concilio himself.

Veloce 2014 Ads at London Gatwick Airport
Veloce 2014 Ads at London Gatwick Airport

The advertisement was broadcasted in 2015 on advertising channels of the Eye Airport, especially in London Gatwick Airport terminal.

“According our corporate social responsibility we decided to shoot this advertisement in bay of Naples because we believe could be – after the Grande Partenza of the Giro d'Italua – an additional opportunity of visibility for the city of Naples in the world” – explains Gennaro De Concilio. 

The clapperboard was arranged during the weekend of October the 12th.