From garbage chrisis to tourism renaissance in Napoli : Luigi de Magistris and entrepreneur's bets !

Naples was reborn with the election of new mayor, Mr. Luigi de Magistris. 

Veloce started his business much years ago when Naples was identified by tourists for the garbage chrisis and chaos. We remember pictures shooted by our Finnish customer who enjoyed by bike the bay at time of garbage chrsisis BEFORE Luigi de magistris. 

Veloce's corporate social responsibility includes the attention to territories touched by business. During this years we invested in Campania to give our contribute for this change, for a susteinable tourism development in the town of Naples. 

garbage chrisis in naples
Naples BEFORE new mayor, Luigi de Magistris 

Now we want share few pictures shooted in Naples AFTER the election of Luigi de Magistris. This pictures was shooted during our cycling tours at pedestrian areas of the town, from the seafront to the old center, UNESCO world heritage site.

things to do in naples cycling excursion
Cycling pedestrian old town of Naples
things to do in naples cycling excursion
Cycling pedestrian seafront bike lane created by new mayor in Naples 
Naples have an historical cycling tradition when the Jerry's granfather was professional cyclist in the Velo Club Napoli on 1928

cycling napoli
the VELO CLUB NAPOLI on 1928

Moreover we love to remember who Jerry de Concilio - founder at Veloce - contributed to return on 2013 the Grande Partenza of the Giro d'Italia in Naples

luigi de magistris and jerry de concilio to improve cycling in napoli
Jerry meets Luigi de Magistris to return the Giro and improve cycling in Napoli
giro italia presentation in napoli
the Grande Partenza of the Giro d'Italia in Naples on 2013

An alternative place to visit Naples could be cycling Phlegrean coast to the Arenile in Bagnoli, a coastal district near Posillipo. In this pictures shooted few days ago we want show the Arenile Reload and the promenade at the Pier in Bagnoli district. 

arenile reload napoli
Arenile Reload in Bagnoli, Naples
arenile reload napoli
People enjoy the Arenile in Bagnoli, Naples
arenile reload napoli
people enjoy the promenade at pier of Arenile in Bagnoli, Naples