" Veloce Bike Rental: Cycling Piedmont : excursion in Orta and Maggiore lakes

Cycling Piedmont : excursion in Orta and Maggiore lakes

Also in winter time we are on the road with our customers. 

Yesterday - 28th december - we enjoyed daily cycling excursion around Orta and Maggiore lakes on Piedmont region.

Our Australian customers have chosen Villa Crespi at Orta San Giulio village on the romantic Orta lake in Piedmont region.

This accommodation is very famous here in Italy, his restaurant is managed by Antonino Cannavacciuolo, 2 stars Michelin award-winning Italian Chef, renowned for the Italian version of Kitchen Nightmares reality television series broadcast. 

We met customers at the Villa where started our excursion to the north of Orta lake and than crossed to the Verbania direction to go down to the scenic village of Stresa and Arona where stopped for the lunch at panoramic restaurant. After the lunch we ridden back to the Villa in Orta San Giulio. 

Our company provided high quality full carbon road bike for rent, guide and team car on the road. 

Below few pictures taken during the daily excursion enjoyed yesterday. 

cycling route enjoyed on Orta and Maggiore lakes

the villa Crespi castle on Orta San Giulio

preparing bicycles before leave the villa

picture with customer before leave the Villa

picture with customer before leave the villa

on the road to Lake Maggiore 

on Lake Maggiore cycling routes

Caffè Corretto's break in Stresa

landscape on Lake Maggiore