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Things to do

A new way of being a tourist, a cyclist and a traveller is born!

The brand Veloce offers to tourists all the experience gained during the years.

In this section we’d like to share with our followers our selection of “things to do” to live during your holiday in Italy.

All the "things to do" experiences we suggest can be enjoyed through our bike rental services with the support of authorized tour guides, transportation and transfer services, and a support team car on the road.

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  1. Watch one of the Giro d'Italia stages
  2. Climb Ghisallo and ride the tour of Lake Como
  3. Climb Stelvio Pass
  4. Cycling Milano-Sanremo
  5. Climb passes of Dolomites and Alps chains
  6. Cycling Prosecco sparkling wine roads in Veneto
  7. Cycling Amiata, Orcia and Brunello di Montalcino wine roads
  8. Ride 9 hills of Emilia Romagna, drink Sangiovese, eat Piadina 
  9. Cycling Bologna hills and SS64 Porrettana road to Pistoia
  10. Grocery shopping at oriental market in Genova 
  11. Climb the Timmelsjoch pass - Passo del Rombo
  12. Cycling Via Claudia Augusta from Munich/Donauworth to Venice 
  13. Cycling Chioggia - Pellestrina - Venice Lido
  14. Visits at Pelizzoli bike factory
  15. Visits at Bianchi bike factory
  16. Cycling Bolsena lake, Orvieto and Viterbo region
  17. Cycling venetian Riviera del Brenta 
  18. Sightseeing in Marseille and cycling to Genova 
  19. Futa pass to Giro finish line in Florence
  20. Tre Cime di Lavaredo Giro 2013 stage
  21. From Tarvisio to Vajont Giro 2013 stage
  22. From Cordenons to Altopiano Montasio Giro 2013 stage
  1. Climb Vesuvius volcano off road and visits Pompei site
  2. Cycling Amalfi coast, eat mozzarella with Capri look-out   
  3. Hiking Path of Gods of Amalfi Coast 
  4. Cycle sights UNESCO sites in Naples
  5. Climb Etna volcano and eat original almond paste in Sicily 
  6. Cycling seafront of Americas Cup in Naples
  7. Sporting or touring kayaking excursions or expeditions
  8. From Potenza to Matera and Altamura Giro 2013 stage
  9. Cycling Phlegrean coast and Solfatara active volcano in Naples bay 
  10. Navigate by private boat bike from Amalfi to Capri island
  11. Cycling Benevento wine roads
  12. Cycling the Basilicata Coast to Coast
  13. Cycle tours in Rome
  14. Cycle tours in Palermo
  15. Walking down the stairs of Naples 
  16. Nola valley and Cimitile site