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Veloce Logistics Assistance | Nippon TV Reality Show and Estrella Beer Shooting in Italy

Imagine you want to organize with a group of friends a bike trip of a thousand km, for charity or pleasure.

Some people want to travel comfortably without give up the comfort of a normal pleasure trip, full suitcases and accompanied by a local who can give a hand during all stages of the journey. 

During last 10 years we supported several groups/season, providing all around Europe the bike rental services with delivery and collection at accommodations, also in different towns, the van assistance to move suitcases between accommodations, the team car assistance on the road with a mechanical driver at disposal of the group driving and assisting cyclists along the way. 

Generally the service is customized under the needs of the groups.

The quality and the reliability of the brand Veloce are strongly confirmed by all the references and by all customers the company supported with bicycle rentals and logistics services. 

Several time during last years some foreign company asked us to support in their activities, for example the Estrella Damm beer brand to which we have provided classic bicycle rentals for their Instagram shooting in Portofino or the Nippon TV to which we have provided logistics assistance during the recording of the famous reality show broadcast by Miyazon, a famous Japanese comedian.

We moved by van the reality show workers and the Japanese comedian during his cycling tour of Italy, from Milan to Palermo, stage by stage. 

Jerry with Miyazon and the Nippon TV cameraman

Some stages in Campania region, southern Italy was particularly interesting, like the visit at the Nola village, close Naples and at the Aqueduct of Vanvitelli (Caroline Aqueduct).

One of our characteristics is the true knowledge of the territories. 

Why this places was particularly interesting? 
Because Gennaro de Concilio, founder at Veloce, was born in Naples and had the opportunity to live this places when was young. 

Many memories but above all a great artistic and cultural value.

Aqueduct of Vanvitelli (Caroline Aqueduct) 

Aqueduct of Vanvitelli is a massive Aqueduct located close Maddaloni village and is the aqueduct built by Luigi Vanvitelli under commission by Charles of Bourbon, to supply water to the Royal Palace of Caserta and to the San Leucio complex. 

The water is picked up from the foot of Taburno massif close Benevento and moved for 38 km route (mostly underground).

The section of the aqueduct shown in the photo was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997 and (modelled on ancient Roman aqueducts) is made of three rows of arches, 55.8 metres (183 ft) high at its highest point.

Miyazon Nippon Tv Vanvitelli aqueducts campania region southern italy
Miyazon at the Vanvitelli Aqueduct

Vanvitelli Caroline Aqueduct in Campania Region Southern Italy
The Vanvitelli Caroline Aqueduct

NOLA VILLAGE - Lilies Festival World Heritage Unesco 

One of our memories related to this village is the feast of the "Lilies of Nola".

The Feast of Lilies is a popular Catholic festival held every year in Nola on the occasion of the patronal holiday dedicated to Saint Pauline. 

With this event the Nolans remember the return to the city of Ponzio Meropio Paolino from captivity by the barbarians occurred in the first half of the fifth century. 

The festival is part of the Network of the great Italian shoulder machines inserted since December 2013 in the Oral and Intangible World Heritage of UNESCO.

Gennaro de Concilio, the founder at Veloce had the opportunity to photograph this festival, below some impressive photographies of carftmade shoulder machines who are carried by local people since the morning, all night long accompanied by a melodic live music played by the band on the shoulder machine.

The shoulder machines are moved by local people dancing to the sound of music, in the alleys of the village to the main square at the San Paolino cathedral. 

«I was told in Naples about the feast of San Paolino in Nola and I was also assured that it deserved to be seen. I had just entered Nola, which struck me with a strange sight, of which I had no idea and which made me doubt that I was in the Indies, or in Japan, rather than in Italy, in Campania. I saw a kind of tower, high, thin, all adorned with red paper, gilding, silver friezes, carried on the shoulders by men. It was divided into five orders, with floors, columns, decorated with frontispieces, arches, frames, niches, figures and covered on both sides with numerous flags. Then every tower in front of the cathedral began a strange show, as each of those great piers was dancing to the sound of music. A man with a staff went before the porters, who beat the time, and the towers followed him. The colossus oscillated and seemed at every moment that he wanted to lose balance and fall; all the figures moved, the flags waved; it was a fantastic glance.» 

Ferdinand Gregorovius - German historian specialized in the medieval history of Rome

Gigli di Nola festival lilies unesco heritage campania naples southern italy
Gigli di Nola Festival - Unesco Heritage

Gigli di Nola festival lilies unesco heritage campania naples southern italy
Gigli di Nola Festival - Unesco Heritage

Gigli di Nola festival lilies unesco heritage campania naples southern italy
Gigli di Nola Festival - Unesco Heritage

Close Nola village another very interesting archaeological site is the early Christian basilicas in Cimitile village, below a photography shot at the archaeological site. 

Cimitile Arcaeological site Campania region southern Italy
Cimitile Arcaeological site

Cimitile archeological site campania region southern italy
Cimitile Arcaeological site

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