Veloce Bike Rental: Right riverbank of Po river excursions and week end solution in Emilia Romagna

Right riverbank of Po river excursions and week end solution in Emilia Romagna

Today we have met Tourist office of Ro Ferrarese.
Ro Ferrarese is a small town in Emilia Romagna region, placed in the borderline with the Veneto region. This small town has born along the final path of Po river, near the delta area.

Our day was characterized by exploration on the road of territories and study of best routes for create to our customers new tourist solutions off the beaten path of classical tourism.

We are working for create in cooperation with local institutions the official supply of daily cycling excursions and week end solutions along the right riverbank of Po river.

The Po river is the largest river of Italy.

Our offers will included transfer services from/to Venice and/or Ferrara, cycling manager guide on the road and high quality road bikes.

The distance of this place is :
  • around 60 miles from Venice
  • around 13 miles from Ferrara.
From the Ro Ferrarese town, along the right riverbank, we have approximately 130 miles of cycling asphalt paths.

This portion of river is the border between Veneto and Emilia Romagna regions.
In this border line there have been a lot of battles between navies of Venetian Republic and of duchy of Este.

This area was famous for the flour production.
In the past have been over 400 watermills along the riverbanks.
Today in this area is present (in Ro town) the only one old watermill.

Coming soon we will upload our pdf file that will include further information and details of our cycling daily excursions and week end solutions offered by our company in this area.