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  1. Watch one of the Giro d'Italia stages
  2. Climb Ghisallo and ride the tour of Lake Como
  3. Climb Stelvio Pass
  4. Climb passes of Dolomites and Alps chains
  5. Cycling Prosecco sparkling wine roads in Veneto
  6. Cycling Amiata, Orcia and Brunello di Montalcino wine roads
  7. Ride 9 hills of Emilia Romagna, drink Sangiovese, eat Piadina 
  8. Cycling Bologna hills and SS64 Porrettana road to Pistoia
  9. Grocery shopping at oriental market in Genova 
  10. Climb the Timmelsjoch pass - Passo del Rombo
  11. Cycling Via Claudia Augusta from Donauworth to Venice 
  12. Cycling Chioggia - Pellestrina - Venice Lido
  13. Visits at Pelizzoli and Bianchi bike factories 
  14. Cycling Bolsena lake, Orvieto and Viterbo region
  15. Cycling venetian Riviera del Brenta 
  16. Sightseeing in Marseille and cycling to Genova 
  1. Climb Vesuvius volcano off road and visits Pompei site
  2. Cycling Amalfi coast, eat mozzarella with Capri look-out   
  3. Hiking Path of Gods of Amalfi Coast 
  4. Cycle sights UNESCO sites in Naples
  5. Climb Etna volcano and eat original almond paste in Sicily 
  6. Cycling seafront of Americas Cup in Naples
  7. Sporting or touring kayaking excursions or expeditions
  8. Cycling Phlegrean coast and Solfatara active volcano in Naples bay 
  9. Navigate by private boat bike from Amalfi to Capri island
  10. Cycling Benevento wine roads
  11. Cycling the Basilicata Coast to Coast
  12. Cycle sightseeing in Rome
  13. Cycle sightseeing in Palermo
  14. Walking down the stairs of Naples 
  15. Nola valley and Cimitile site 


From our experience on bike rental services and customized cycling holidays we have extended our services to daily guided excursions available in all seasons.

Under the management of Jerry de Concilio, we can supply customized cycling solutions for your daily excursions. 

Our guides are available in English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese languages.

Everyday we have more cycling possibilities : short and easier route for ordinary people and a longer or more demanding route for the keener cyclists. 


Veloce® provide the finest in travel options to our clients with the most discerning taste for excellence. 
Please visits our Privilege Club to know further information about. 

Picture taken during our daily shore excursion by private boat from Amalfi to Capri island. Our company can provide daily boat excursion along the Amalfi and Sorrento coast and from Naples and Sorrento bay  to Capri, Ischia and Procida islands

capri island, view from our private boat

For nature lovers and hikers you must not miss the beautiful landscape of bay of Naples from the Monte di Procida. - Guide, van transfer and tasting included - Customized tours.
Booking in advance required 

Bacoli view from Monte di Procida
Capo Miseno, the lighhouse, view from Monte di Procida
Panoramic terrace in Monte di Procida
Vesuvius from Bacoli bay

Customized daily excursion along the phlegrean coast of Naples bay with transfer from/to hotel accommodation in Amalfi Coast, Sorrento or Naples. The daily excursion included riding along flat roads to Pozzuoli seafront, old town and archaeological sites, visit at the Solfatara active volcano and D'Averno lake.
In alternative can be possible arrange few extension options to Baia Castle, Bacoli, Miseno, Fusaro lake and Monte di Procida panoramic famous places known to the stylish clubs on the beach where is possible drink, eat, dance and swim. 

Pozzuoli seafront of phlegrean coast
Solfatara active volcano
tour of D'Averno lake

Customized daily excursion along the Benevento wine roads with visits at farmhouses and factories of typical products in Campania region.  The excursion include transfer from Amalfi Coast, Sorrento or Naples to Benevento area, cycling excursion in wine roads and naturalistic park, visit at farmhouse where the customer learn and taste in the lunch the farmhouses production. The excursion can include visit at Samnite Abbey, Amphitheater (250 b.C.) and at local baths where on can drink sulfurian water.
Booking in advance required

with our customers along Benevento wine roads
break at Grassano Park in Benevento region

Our company can customize daily cycling excursion in magnificient venetian Riviera del Brenta included visit at local Palladian venetian villas. Our visit include lunch in old watermill and visits of Museum and garden of Villa Pisani and/or museum of made in Italy shoes. The excursion can include transfer from/to Venice, Padua and Treviso, guide on the road and bicycle rental service. Booking in advance required 
Pictures from this excursion.

cycling riviera del Brenta canal
Villa Pisani in Stra along Riviera del Brenta

By bike from Chioggia to Pellestrina Island and Venice Lido and back by bike. Available transfer from Padova, Venice and Riviera del Brenta. Booking in advanced required. 
Venice lagoon by bike
main canal of Chioggia

Our company arrange around the roads of Giro d'Italia 2012 stages the daily cycling excursions included tasting activities of local products. We can arrange this experience year-round. During the Giro we will watch the start or arrival ceremonies. Booking in advance required.

Check the 2012 Giro d'Italia calendar stages.
Watch 2011 Monte Zoncolan Giro d'Italia excursion Youtube video.

Calling for Giro d'Italia 2012 stages :
High Mountain - from Caldes Val di Sole to Passo dello Stelvio, 218kms cycling excursion watching the arrival - Transfers from/to Venice, Padova, Vicenza and Verona.

Jerry with customers at Zoncolan stage excursion


In the past we have arranged for our customers a guided visit at the BIANCHI factory in Treviglio, close Bergamo and Milan...In this set the visit at the exposition, the assembly lines and the Reparto Corse where our customer can meet the Marco Pantani's bike...
After the Bianchi customers will be transferred in 30min to the Pelizzoli Giovanni factory where will be possible watch how create craftmade carbon frames.
Pictures from visits at Bianchi (link 1 - link 2 - link 3 ) and Pelizzoli factories (link 4)

customers during visit at Bianchi factory in Treviglio
visit at Pelizzoli frame factory 

Our company arrange with local cycling associations daily cycling training excursions along best Italian routes. In this set album can check few pictures from our cycling training tours organized by our company in cooperation with Milano Cicli Cycling association along training paths between Naples, Amalfi coast, Caserta, Benevento and Venice regions. Usually this training is arranged every  Sunday morning. Advanced booking required.
cycling training excursion in Venice region

The daily cycling tours around Orvieto and Bolsena lake, along the via Francigena and Cassia road. Advanced booking required. Pictures from this excursions.

Cycling tour of Bolsena lake 

Naples by bike : Friday 7th November 2011 our company has met the new mayor of Naples Municipality, Luigi de Magistris.
Our company have started to supply official guided urban tours inside the new restricted traffic zone of this town with creation of tourist bike centers in nerve points of the town, all this in cooperation with Naples Municipality.
The restricted traffic zone of Naples is flat and interconnected with main districts by underground and funicolare transports where today, thanks to the new major, is possible pick up and move with bicycles (this last for free).

Urban Routes project official web site.
Jerry and hist team : meeting with new mayor of Naples (on left)
city sightseein in Naples

Rome by bike : Our company can customize daily cycling excursion in magnificient old town of Rome with stop at most beautiful places and monuments. 
Booking in advance required

city sightseeing in Rome - Colosseum

Palermo by bike : Guided tours inside the undiscovered places of Palermo, markets, old roads and seafront.  Booking in advance required

Mr. Salvo, our guide at our local shop in Palermo during tour planning activities
sightseeing, cycling the seafront of Palermo

Pictures from our cycling city sightseeing in Marseille available only for groups : cycling tour in the downtown and old harbor. Our company is available to arrange this tour in the old town of Marseille for people that want ride self cycling holidays from France to Italy along the Riviera (cote d'azur - blue coast) and Provence region.
Information and booking :

Cathédrale Sainte-Marie-Majeure de Marseille

our customer during cycle sightseeing in Marseille

young people play bowls on streets 

lighthouse at the entry of old port of Marseille

Notre-Dame de la Garde, church on top of hill in Marseille

La Caravelle, bar - restaurant in Marseille

lighthouse at the entry of new harbor in Marseille

This is a brand new excursion proposed by our company. Is arranged with the support of local associations. With us is possible discover and walk down old stairs built during sixteenth century. The main stairs proposed by our company are the Pedamentina and the Moiariello. The first connect with 414 steps the Certosa di San Martino on the top of the hill to the old downtown of Naples, UNESCO World Heritage site.
Moiariello stairs connect the Capodimonte royal palace to the downtown of Naples.

From the old town is possible reach the top of Pedamentina by Funicolare local transport and walk down back with the support of our tour guide.  In alternative our company can arrange transfer to the top of stairs and to your hotel at the end of the day.

view of old downtown of Naples from Pedamentina stairs

Under the shadow of Vesuvius volcano an original cycling tour along the Nola valley villages to Cimitile early Christian archaeological site and  up to Avella castle for watch the landscape. On demand we can include in this excursion the visit at the Pompeii site, located close Cimitile village.
Advanced booking required.
Pictures from our archaeological site exploration.

Avella castle
Cimitile archaeological site